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A "Specialist" from somewhere called Tempest. He's just trying to find out some answers, because his memories went out to buy milk and died in the War. He doesn't remember which war, or which milk.

He's still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he's been frozen for about 50 years.


Badass Driver and Stormchaser, girlbossing her way across the Nowhere. Chases the Storms in pursuit of something.

One of the Mar siblings.


De facto Leader of the Park. Boss of his Crew of motely mates, all of nautical aesthetic persuasion. Irritable.

Eldest of the Mar siblings.


A reculsive Scholar, obsessed with relics and history from the Before. She has a lot of eyes. It's probably fine.


A mysterious lady from outside the Park who has recently set up (machine)shop inside the walls. An adept tinkerer and mechanic.


Owner of the Restaurant. He feeds the entire Park, and provides lodging to many as well. A nice guy.

Mark Seven

You haven't met her yet. Shhh.