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Here are some comics and funky little drawings that may or may not be canon. They're mainly just here to experiment with the format, but hopefully they're entertaining as well!


Face Reveal
You don't get to see Sel's face. But someone else does.
CHARACTERS: Selfen, Zatea
Corin wants to have a word with Swweets.
CHARACTERS: Anevon, Corin, Mark, Selfen, Swweets


Theater Day
Carmine and Selfen reenact the famous betrayal from the Lion King. In Color!!!
CHARACTERS: Carmine, Selfen
The Gang Plays Monopoly
The classic "draw the squad" meme, featuring the tempest pals
CHARACTERS: Andris, Anevon, Corin, Mark, Selfen, Swweets, Zatea