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Before long, they made it to a hotel. It was only four stories tall, but its presence felt much larger to Andris. Flanked by six dead palm trees and draped in thick sheets of vines, it seemed as if the building itself had grown from the ground. It almost felt alive. When Andris’s eyes adjusted to the dim lighting in the lobby, the red carpeting certainly didn’t help him shake the thought. “Someone lives here?” he asked skeptically. “This definitely isn’t up to code.”

“...I’m pretty sure she lives on the second story,” Corin corrected, before sneezing at the dust they had kicked up.

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The Bohemian Life

Kate Bush

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  • NAME: Anevon
  • PRONOUNS: she/her
  • CLASS: Skinner

  • LIKES: history, collecting/curating, experimentation, interacting with the Maelstrom
  • DISLIKES: people who pretend to have all the answers, the unknown (she would dislike the unknowable, if she believed there were such a thing)
blinkie: Clutter Queen / collector of everything

Anevon is the trusted "Maelstrom expert" and "Before expert" of the park. People come to her whenever they need information regarding the past or whatever strange happenings have been ...happening.

Over the years, she has accumulated a collection of cultural artefacts from the before that takes up at least the entire second story of the abandoned hotel at the edge of the park.

There's not much of a purpose to Anevon's efforts other than "it's good to preserve the past". She may want to learn from their mistakes a little, but she certainly doesn't want to recreate the past; she's just genuinely interested in it.

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Librarian: the original search engine

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Points of interest

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