fairy and cherub pink glittery text that reads 'Gift Shop' fairy and cherub

Come In!

You've reached the one-stop shop for all things Maelstrom!

What do you need? Shelter? Spiritual insight? Augury??? The Gift Shop has all that and so much more!!!

Stick around, fuck shit up, make art, and most importantly, PARTY!!1

cartoon animals dancing with balloons image of the kool-aid man with kool-aid font that says 'Kool-aid Kool Site'
a person wearing a mask as well as a glittery cloak covered in more masks
blinkie that reads 'artsey fartsey'

blinkie that reads 'one by one the garden gnomes steal my sanity'

button: smiley face image. text reads 'HHGREGG Cult!'

divider with many smiley faces

animated text that says 'Party Central'
blinkie: art is life is art spinning disco ball blinkie: Eyestrain Island
person in a red dress dancing person in a blue shirt dancing a dancing baby two people goin HAM dancing a dancing flamingo beanie baby person in a skirt and blue shirt dancing Elmo gettin down

Meet ur leader

cat from animal crossing dancing cat from animal crossing dancing

Sel is the self-proclaimed "Cult Leader" of the Park, though their "cult" is probably more accurately described as an artist commune that has a strong reliance on the Maelstrom. The truth is, Sel just needs the energy of a bunch of people making art and partying in order to do their coolest Maelstrom magics. This has resulted in a bit of an unusual dynamic, as the cult doesn't hesitate to kick Selfen out when their interests don't align.

Selfen is also well-known for their eye-catching sense of style. They've never been seen without a mask on--not as long as they've had the cult, at least. Some people say they don't even take it off when they sleep.

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animated rainbow silhouette of a person stiffly walking towards you
animated rainbow silhouette of a person stiffly walking towards you
stamp with Garfield the cat on it. Text reads 'You are not immune to propaganda'

Quick Facts

  • NAME: Selfen, Sel
  • PRONOUNS: usually uses they/them, but will accept any
  • CLASS: Hocus/Faceless

  • LIKES: wanted attention, clownery, making art, dancing/partying
  • DISLIKES: unwanted attention, "experts", being told what to do
green text with a heart. it says 'I'm just very random'

blinkie that reads 'Freak' with some weird little eyeballs

blinkie that reads 'I'm creative... You can't expect me to be neat, too!'

blinkie that reads 'Artist'

stamp with an alien on it. Text reads 'stay weird'
blinkie with image of cheerios. text says 'did someone piss in your cheerios'?

bright color-changing rainbow anime icon

green and purple glittery harlequin

large blinkie that reads 'what a clown'

divider with many smiley faces

Mask Collection

mask that looks like frankenstein's monster with glowing yellow and red eyes

Monstrous mask

glittery mask that looks like a woman wearing a cat mask
fancy flapper mask with gold beads

two green masks, one smiling and one frowning, in front of a pink and blue ribbon

blue half-face mask with colorful starbursts
unsettlingly realistic mask

butterfly mask that's pouring out rainbow glitter half-face mask with large feathers. Half of it is cyan, half is hot pink.

framed golden mask

Cheetah mask Frowning full-face mask with a large, purple jewel on its hat

animated smiling, then frowning, red mask

half-face mask with colorful feathers and moving eyes

full face mask which smiles and frowns in a sinister way

two masks alternately smiling and frowning

A smiling heart-shaped mask with a rainbow collar
a fancy full-face mask with blue and yellow decorations around the eyes

A tan mask with an open mouth

box which rotates between pictures of three different colorful masks

divider with many smiley faces

Vibe Zone

small button: Weird ?!?!?

stamp with black background: pretty good at bad decisions

colorfully dressed person holding out flower petals

stamp: certified cringeworthy

small button: still prettiest
stamp that says 'unsettling'

a gif that cycles through images of a person wearing different emoji masks
Woah what is happening here???
Woah! Ohm y godD? WOAH!!1
three masks transforming into a bat

blinkie: God you're ugly
ooh secret link ooooooh
small icon of an invisible person wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a coat
blinkie: love is a macaroni necklace

tumblr post: *attempts to log into bank account* To continue answer security question: 'Where and how will you die?' types in 'alone
            in a ditch wearing a clown costume' *I view my account balance of $4.47*
small button: fuck gender

gif of two cd's spinning. They say 'multi-media'

small icon of an invisible person wearing a hat, sunglasses, and a coat
image of selfen making the my silly comics face from 'celebrities shop too' while saying 'M... Miku...'
stamp with swirling background: I support spinning around and getting really really dizzy

stamp with rainbow background: I support Mary Sues and Sparkle Dogs

stamp: I support treating life like a tv show :)

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