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dancing goldfish with headphones glitching window furby Hello small drawing of Miku Hatsune dancing TV with static I think there's a fault in my code.
robot going owo and wheeling around tiny blue robot with blue and red flashing antenna blue robot with green sound waves on its face tiny yellow robot with a heart antenna small robot with color-changing eyes and torso small, colorful robot saying 'Hello!'
Robot with wings, a skirt, and a pink bunny hat

divider with bright, glitching colors

Stamp: I do all kinds of stupid and gay shit. Pink stamp that looks like a popup window. Text reads 'Continue anyway?' Button says 'OK' Stamp with creepers and a pickaxe: I wish I lived in Minecraft. Stamp with a pixelated glitching effect Animated, colorful glitching effect Stamp that looks like a computer window. It has a loading screen that glitches out when it is complete. Stamp that shows three arcade machines Stamp: Are computers Alive? Stamp that looks like a computer window. It shows many TVs with static on their screens
Black button with a shadowy, white face and spinning gears on it Teal button: trust me I am good with COMPUTER Blue web badge that says 'hacker'
Blinkie: Have a Day Blinkie: Talk Nerdy to Me Blinkie: Crazy for Robots
dial drill plasma ball hammer a computer monitor with legs running a small human body with a computer mouse for a head screw hammer, screwdriver, and wrench tape measure, pliers, and screwdriver hammer, screwdriver, and wrench framed by a 90 degree ruler a transparency projector a computer window with a smiling face and legs running
Carpal Tunnel site of the week I love Cyber Bear