Recommended Reading Order

The "timeline" of Tempest is actually just the least confusing order in which to read this material. Experts have weighed in, and this list is what they've come up with.

Also keep in mind that the writing here will be perpetually incomplete and ever-expanding.

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Here are some place descriptions and character introductions.

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These scenes assume some knowledge of the characters

  • The Specialist - Andris helps Anevon gather more information on Tempest.
    prose. 329w. Andris, Anevon.
  • The Captain - Swweets is disappointed to find out that his younger sibling was arrested by his guards again.
    prose. 825w. Selfen, Swweets.
  • A Healthy Love of Violence - A brief introduction to the past of Corin Mar.
    prose. 387w. Blue, Corin.
  • So, you come here often? - Zatea is captured by the Captain's crew and ends up in a cell with an annoying masked stranger.
    prose. 2594w. Selfen, Swweets, Zatea.
  • Long Live the Cult - Carmine and Selfen reenact a famous scene from the Lion King.
    comic. N/A. Carmine, Selfen.
  • How We See Each Other - Carmine reflects on his relationship with Selfen.
    prose. 1025w. Carmine, Selfen.
  • Unmasking - Someone gets to see Selfen's face. Not you, though.
    comic. N/A. Selfen, Zatea.
  • With Respect to Respect (and Robots) - Andris tries to convince his friend Mark that she should be compensated for working a security job at the Park.
    prose. 896w. Andris, Mark.
  • Fish Tank - Swweets recalls a fond memory.
    prose. 100w. Swweets.
  • Memory of a Storm - Selfen recalls a thunderstorm on the Beach.
    poetry. 100w. Mar Parents, Selfen.
  • A Right Way to Be - A short exploration of Carmine's relationship to prayer and ritual, yesterday and today.
    prose. 616w. Carmine.
  • All Hands on Deck - A little peek into the lives of Swweets's crew.
    prose. 300w. Swweets's Crew.
  • Confrontation - Corin has to discuss something serious with Swweets.
    comic. N/A. Anevon, Corin, Mark, Sel, Swweets.

Strangely Separated

This stuff is canon, but it doesn't quite fit in with the other stuff yet. You can still read it and wonder, though.


This stuff sits in between canon and non-canon.

  • Poem Sketch: Anevon - A short poem from Anevon's perspective.
    poetry. 48w. Anevon.
  • What Is a Face? - You asked the question, our leading thinkers answer!
    essay. 682w. Anevon, Selfen, Zatea.