Tempest Site Updates


The first four chapters are officially up! I will continue to update the table of contents and transfer the writing into a more minimalist look.


I put up a few new pages--actual, official chapters!--but I'm considering doing a bit of a revamp on how the writing is displayed. I think I'll switch to the Depths CSS from my other website, just for the writing pages.

I'm also still not quite sure of how I want to make a search function, especially if I'm going to include actual chapters in addition to the rainbowfic tidbits. I'm leaning towards a ctrl+f thing rather than a javascript one now.


New page up with a darker tone than usual. Check out Memory of a Storm. (Warning for unreality/surreality and second person description of a panic attack)


I have added TWO new pages! Metallic Exoskeleton and So, you come here often? are now up.

The site is also now mobile-friendly! Still not sure it looks the best, but you can at least access its content. Happy viewing!


Organized the recommended reading order into an actual order, including a few sections that tell you generally what each piece is about. I also added the old comics onto their own pages again!

Started adding individual character pages, but didn't put a link anywhere yet, so here you go


All of the stuff I wanted to add from Dreamwidth is up! Now I just have to upload some of the old stuff and maybe a few new drawings. See the recommended reading order for the new stuff :)


Moved all the old pages to the archives. They'll be messy while they're there, but I'll clean them up and restore them to their former glory eventually!

Also added a bunch of new content to the home page.


Wow, it's been nearly a year! I have plans to give this site a MAJOR UPDATE. Not sure how long it will take. Hang in there!


  • Added a cast page.


  • Added a few comics
  • Added update log to home page
  • Joined Hotline Webring
  • Slowly updating some of the CSS, so stuff might look a little wacky for a bit